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In 2007, Americon's Jerry Herrington was contacted by Kennecott Copper (Rio Tinto) to design and manufacture the first of a number of production control centers in their Utah plant. The requirement was to support three console operators, each with numerous monitors on a single level. The engineering staff at Americon designed semi-circular cockpit style workstations with no leg obstructions so the operators could easily move from monitor to monitor without getting out of their chairs. The CPUs were all captured in storage cavities under the consoles. Access to the computers is through front and rear access doors.

Cockpit-style Control Consoles

Production Control Consoles

Americon also supplied a self-contained six screen, glass to glass, video wall system with Planar rear-projection cubes, a Jupiter video wall processor and Americon's video wall cabinetry. Subsequently, Americon has designed and commissioned six other rooms within the complex.

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