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Emergency Management Control Center

District of Columbia EOC

Working with contractor Jim Costas of Costas Group, Americon's Jerry Herrington designed seven Communicator V-shaped configurations. Each consisted of six responders and a coordinator. The emergency management center was in downtown Washington, DC. The DCEMA is the main emergency management center for the District of Columbia.

As part of our scope, we provided consoles with adjustable monitor wells for two separate rooms. At the rear of the room, we designed and provided linear configurations for their management teams. The second room was a control center that was manned 24/7 as an operation in which we utilized similar consoles that were much longer to accommodate three monitors across.

Adjustable Monitor Wells

Adjustable Monitor Workstation

We utilized the monitor well version of the Communicator workstation to lower the monitors down for better "line of sight" collaberation and so that the client would have the option of using dual monitors. We also added articulating keyboard trays under the worksurfaces. The tower-style CPUs were stored in enclosures underneath on metal racks attached to the laminated solid core inspection doors.

The V-shape configuration allows the responders to view the video walls in the front of the room without being blocked by their neighbors.

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