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Worksurface material eliminates bumper molding

Diagonal Corner with Solid Surface Granite

We are constantly reminded by our customers that the products we manufactured for them exceeded their expectations. It has always been our policy to offer our clients the best quality products both in material and workmanship. For many years, Americon has used solid surface cultured granite as an option in manufacturing secuirty stations in corporate lobbies. We are now offering this popular material in place of our standard worksurface coverings. The beauty of using this material is that sheets can be blended together to create deeper and longer seamless appearances. Solid surfaces are rugged and come in many stone patterns. Although more expensive, this beautiful option has no limitations that would prevent it from replacing standard laminates. Note that solid surfaces can be used in conjunction with slatwalls or our flush-mounted OMNI-Trak rail system. If scratched, unlike laminates, solid surfaces can easily be repaired with a simple sanding and buffing

We took the high road by using more costly space-age materials for durability. The disparity in higher material cost is many times offset by the efficiency of our production techniques. The result is that we deliver superior products that are more aesthetically pleasing and much more durable than those of any of our competitors.

"What is impossible for others is very common place for us."

Dispatch Workstation with solid surface desktop

9' Linear Sit/Stand Workstation with "Horizon" Solid Surface Granite Pattern

Solid Surface Granite Choices
Staron solid surface samples
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