Slatwalls for Consoles and Other Technical Furniture

Acoustical Partitions
Whether you are using one of our Ergonaut Series consoles with our OMNI-TRAK rail system or simply placing your monitors on a worksurface, a slatwall is not always a necessary element. Many clients choose a worksurface-mounted partition for privacy and as a sound barrier. Acoustical worksurface-mounted partitions eliminate the need to have separate freestanding panels behind the workstation that prevent or at the very least hinder rear access to the equipment in the workstation. Read more on the subject...

Standard 12" High Slatwall
Our standard slatwalls mount monitors and other peripheralsto recapture space where space is so precious. The area beneath the screens is useful workspace and the ability to adjust the monitors, task lighting, telephones and other peripherals for individual comfort and efficiency is easily accomplished using slatwall mounted arms and brackets.

Standard 18" Slatwall with Acoustical Insert
This combination slatwall combines the benefits of our standard slatwall with the privacy and acoustic properties of a partition. This is a very popular type of slatwall for dispatch centers that require sit/stand capabilities, separation between operators and also noise suppression. This slatwall mounted to a stationary surface again eliminates the shortcomings of a full panel system and is a much less expensive solution. Double high slatwall material is also an option in place of the acoustical material.

Hooded Slatwalls
This is again another variation that adds a hood on top of the slatwall. The hood can be purely decorative or can be useful for mount dimmable halo lighting that illuminates the worksurface without putting glare on screens.

Stackable Hollow Slatwalls
Stackable slatwalls are deeper than our standard slatwalls. They have a chamber inside along with rear access. Monitor and peripheral cables pass through linear grommets mounted in the front face of the slatwall just above the worksurface. The ventilation grid on top is the exhaust port for the equipment storage compartment below the worksurface. The hollow chamber allows a number of peripherals to be added to the face like communications hubs, power receptacles and USB charging ports.

Stackable Hollow Inserts
Stackable slatwalls are expandable vertically by taking off the vented lid and adding one or more inserts on top containing slatwall material and/or acoustical fabric panel and then replacing the lid. They are easily upgradable in the field without the need to enlist one of our technicians. We also manufacture a number of chamber depths as some clients require equipment to be rackmounted into the face of the slatwall.

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