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OMNI Series Control Center Consoles

The Flagship of Our Control Center Furniture
OMNI series furniture, as the name implies, can be used in almost any control center environment and is the basis for many of our GSA console furniture lines. These consoles can be ordered as straight linear consoles, cockpit-style angular furniture or configured in a concentric arc. OMNI Series control consoles can be found in command center, control rooms, network operation centers, process management control rooms, 911 dispatch centers and surveillance and security rooms.

There are a myriad of accessories available to fit every need including sit/stand options, integrated work station cabinets, shelves and drawers, slatwalls, task lighting, personal environmental systems, monitor arms, phone mounts, manual trays, and many, many more.

OMNI Control Room Console
OMNI Series Laminate Clad Consoles
Sit/Stand Control Room Furniture
Dispatch Center Consoles
OMNI Series consoles make great dispatch workstations. Add slatwalls, monitor arms, LED task lights, and a sit and stand hydraulic desk, and you are ready to rumble. Document carousels and similar peninsula transitions create cable and power homeruns between adjoining workstations.
OMNI Cockpit Style Diagram
Standard Features
  • Solid Laminated Body Panels
  • CPU Storage Compartment
  • Front and Rear Access Doors
  • Segregated Cable Management
  • Equipment Storage Shelving
  • 15 AMP Power Strips
  • Wire Grommets
  • Adjustable Leveling Glides
Workstations Options
  • Monitor Arms and Brackets
  • Integrated Equipment Enclosures
  • Integrated Drawers and Shelves
  • Sit/Stand Motorized Lift Systems
  • Dimmable LED Task Light
  • Personal Environment System
  • CPU Storage Racks on Access Door
  • Multiple Slatwalls Styles
  • Slatwall Phone Arms
  • Slatwall Binder and Paper Trays
  • Slatwall Power/Data/USB Hubs
  • Slatwall-Mounted Speakers
  • Integrated Rack-mount Kits
  • and much, much more .......

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