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Command Post Consoles

Charleston AFB Command Post

In 2012, Americon president, Bill Farah, worked side by side with the government to create a command post at Charleston Air Force Base in Charleston, South Carolina. The requirement was to replace antiquated Siemen's radio consoles with new cockpit style command post consoles that Americon developed and supplies to Air National Guard command posts all across the country. At Charleston AFB, we supplied consoles for two rooms along with two Visionmaster rear-projection video walls in custom made cabinetry. Lastly, we installed an LCD panel video wall in the adjoining room.

Base Emergency Management Center

Command Post Console
In 2015, Americon revisited Charleston Air Force Base to create an emergency operation center. This time we supplied our "Communicator" flip-screen furniture. In the front of the room, we used linear consoles that were placed back to back. The lo-profile well that is created when the screens are flipped aid in creating line of site collaboration between the responders. In the rear of the room, we added are concentric arc version for management that faced a video wall of 70" LCD/LED backlit monitors.

Command Post Consoles

Command Post Console
Americon offers complimentary engraved Air Force logos in the end panels to all of our command post customers. These command post consoles lend themselves to many configuations. The integrated cpu storage cabinet has a pullout perforated metal tray and plenty of room for the punchdown communications block that was removed from the old Siemens product. We also added perimeter slatwalls for hanging monitors and other periphearals
Siemens 3RU Turret
Americon also developed a 3 RU tabtop turret to mount the Siemens legacy radio components taken from the old console. This included four speakers, individual indicator lights and volume controls. There are also two sets of headset jacks. One for the dispatcher and the other for a shift supervisor to listen in to a conversation when necessary. We have also developed a similar speaker box that can be hung on the slatwall but this customer, as most, preferred the turret.
Bill Farah, President

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