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Emergency Operation Center

Flip-panel Furniture and LCD Video Wall

In 2011, the emergency management center was created at the Port of Los Angeles. It purpose was two fold. We created a multi-purpose conference room that quickly converts to an emergency management center. This room is used when an incident of large proportion arises. Americon supplied a custom designed flip-screen conference table that supports 22” all-in-one touch screen computers. Mounted into the room's cabinetry is an ultra-thin mullion LCD/LED backlit video wall. The cabinetry includes matching bookcase hutches that flanked the LCD panel wall. On the side wall is a multi-touch LCD panel. Images from this panel, along with images on the embedded workstations can be displayed on the video wall in scalable windows. This project was managed by John Dobyns of SAIC with Americon being the major subcontractor who supplied all of the furniture. Americon’s Jerry Herrington, worked hand and hand with John and Captain Don Farrell of the Port Police all of whom played major roles in the design and planning of the room.

Communicator Flip-Panel Conference Table

Multi-purpose conference room doubles as an emergency management center

When the screens are not in use, they conveniently flip over to create a smooth unobstructed surface. Located at each position is a pullout touch pad control for changing layouts on the video wall and controlling all audiovisual aspects in the room.

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