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In 2007, Americon was contracted to design, manufacture and commission a fire and police dispatch center for the newly built City Hall in Arcadia, California. Just a stone's throw from Santa Anita race track, the dispatch center serves the City of Arcadia and surrounding communities.

Our choice was a concentric arc, cockpit style workstation to add some esthetically-pleasing dimension to the room. In the center of the room, we placed an octagonal two-sided desk with mobile pedestal storage underneath that allowed each dispatcher to role personal storage into a garage at their workstation.

The final touch was an eight foot straight desk with a flipper-door hutch on top for work being done away from the dispatch consoles. The hutch is used to store documentation, manuals, mobile radios and their chargers.

Adjustable Worksurface

Police Dispatch Console
Recognizing the need for an adjustable worksurface, the client opted for a deeper than normal worksurface with a lever-adjustable sit/stand mechanism to gain the maximum the amount of available workspace without spending a fortune for a motorized lifting system. We incorporated a slatwall with monitor arms and brackets to maintain ergonomic viewing angles whether sitting or standing. We even included a lazy Susan for a key piece of equipment that could be shared between the dispatchers. The rotating surface was secured to a permanent transition with lateral file storage that joined the dispatcher's workstations.

Bill Farah, President

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