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In 2009, Americon was contracted to design, manufacture and commission a SCADA control room for the City of Anaheim Public Works Department. Americon's Dan Moro worked with manager Manny Robledo to put together a 24 x 7 dispatch center utilizing a number of Americon custom products. The individual workstations were created with perimeter slatwalls designed to hold as many as six 24" monitors on a single level. Included within, we designed storage compartments for CPUs and battery backups that wouldn't compremise leg room so the operator could range freely across the entire workstation. A personal environmental system, dimmable LED task lighting and sit/stand capabilities were added to round out the creature comforts necessary for a 24 x 7 environment.

Bridging each pair of workstations, is a document carousel peninsula that acts as the homerun for power,data and voice to be distributed to each pair of adjoining workstations. In the center of the room, a large map table was created with identical map drawers and storage on both sides. To eliminate the need for personal storage lockers, a garage was created to store mobile pedestals so that each operator could have lockable storage for personal effects that could be rolled up to the workstation.

Hydraulic Lift Console

Sit/Stand Dispatch Workstation
Recognizing the shortcomings of the split-level paradign, the team opted to design a console workstation that employed a full hydraulic-lifting system to utilize the entire worksurface depth. All components including monitors, keyboards, phones and CPUs remain relational to the operator whether the console is in the seated or standing position. This 2,000 pound capacity system is actuated by a simple momentary rocker switch that starts when you push it and stops when you let go. Sometimes the simplest methods of deployment are the best.
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