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Americon has created the most comprehensive Command & Control "Technology Center" in the United States. Located in Camarillo, California, you can kick the tires on over 5,000 sq. feet of technical furniture and accessories for 911 dispatch, control rooms, call centers and emergency operation centers. Participate in demonstrations of various video walls solutions, video conferencing, sound systems and control systems. Both DLP rear projection and LCD/LED ultra-thin mullion backlit video walls are on display. Experience our software driven Hiperwall video wall that uses larger than life stacked 70" displays.  Most importantly, meet with one of our designers to tailor solutions for your needs.

Our Technology Center affords you opportunities that you will never get by going to installations that we have designed for others. Most people who come in with predisposed notions, walk out with a completely different prospective that answers their needs. Americon is capable of going from "concept to completion" in a very short period of time using our turnkey cost-saving package solutions.


Command and Control Center consoles and video walls
Inside of our Technology Center

Inside the Technology Center

Rear View

On Display

Hiperwall - Jupiter Systems - Planar - Crestron - NEC - Hall Research - Altinex - Pixell - Teq AV - Lifesize - LexRay - Innovative - Spaceco - Iron Horse - VIA - Human Solutions .... and much, much more!


Why Buy Americon:

Americon is a multi-faceted company offering a number of assets under the same roof:

  • Design, Space Planning  

  • Technical Furniture Design & Manufacturing

  • Audio-visual Integration for Control Rooms and Conference Rooms

  • Installation Services and Commissioning

  • Project Management Services


    Bill Farah, President

    We are in a unique position to offer multiple disciplines simultaneously. All departments collaborate on each project. A visit to the technology center enhances the client's ability to meet face to face with our various experts and discuss issues and strategies. This speeds the process tremendously. The faster we get answers back to the client, the faster the client can make decisions. Providing a total solution circumvents many of the normal bureaucratic hurtles that accompany the bidding process when multiple disciplines are needed. Our turnkey approach eliminates the finger pointing that accompanies multi-contractor projects. "The Buck Stops Here."