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Communicator Flip-screen Collaboration Furniture

Multi-Purpose Conference Tables

Multi-purpose Conference Room

Flip-Up Keyboard And Computer StorageCommunicator Flip-screen furniture coverts instantaneously from a conference room to an EOC or training room. It's a must for emergency management centers where responders use computers and need eye to eye contact with each other.

Flip Screen Furniture Enhances Line of Sight Communication

Flip-Screen Workstation for Emergency Management Centers

Flip screen furniture lowers monitors into the worksurface in an ergonomically-designed well to enhance line of sight communication in an emergency management center. Monitor screens can be turned down and securely locked in the closed position. The flip option is available in many of our other furniture offerings.

Adjustable Monitor Wells

Adjustable Monitor Workstation

The Monitor-well version of the Communicator lowers monitors down for better "line of sight" collaberation and makes it possible to have multiple monitors. In this case, we added articulating keyboard trays under the worksurfaces. Tower-style computers are stored on racks attached to the inside of the laminated solid core inspection doors.

The V-shape configuration allows the responders to view the video walls in the front of the room without their view being blocked by their neighbors.

Concentric-Arc Emergency Management Centers

Conference Linear Workstations

Concentric-arc furniture, as the name implies, are arc-shaped sections that go together to create a configuration where all responders are facing forward and focused on the video wall in the front of the room. Because they do not rely on separate wedges to create the configuration, they are much more efficient with space.

Design and Floor Plan

EOC Design with Flip-screen Furniture

This floor plan of the image above at Charleston AFB shows the use of both concentric-arc workstations for the command group and straight sections for the facing responders.

Additional Configurations

Flip-screen workstation for Emergency Management Center
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