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Crosstalk Hoods Create Spaciality.
Collaborative Crosstalk Workstations

Take your workspace to the next level with help from Americon. Our freestanding, low-profile crosstalk workstations offer all the privacy and storage of cubicle-style systems while maintaining line of sight communication between occupants. Our crosstalk workstations streamline communication, making it easier for call takers to ask questions, exchange essential information, and remain productive. When it comes to helpdesk environments and open call center furniture, line of sight communication is critical. It is easier to communicate certain types of data through wireless networks when there are fewer physical obstacles, which can reduce signal strength.

However, with Americon line of sight workstations, your workplace stays efficient and productive at all times. We have created several Communicator Series flip-panel workstations that work in conjunction with crosstalk desks to lower monitors into wells at ergonomic viewing angles. Circular and cloverleaf pod designs are also available.

Now you can quickly and effortlessly mix and match configurations based on your preferences. Using our Crosstalk Series workstations, it is easy to create bull pens, T-shapes, L-shapes, U-shapes, and quad clusters. Our cluster-style furniture or pod workstation designs can be configured to accommodate three, four, five, or six individuals in a group.

L-shape Crosstalk Workstations enhance communications between call takers
Workstation Extras

Along with fully customizable "line of sight" workstations, Americon is proud to bring you several desk extras that can make your day-to-day processes simpler. From privacy hoods to phone mounts, our workstation options offer plenty of valuable accessories for the modern office worker.

If you are unsure which accessory best fits the needs of your employees, do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff for a recommendation. We are happy to provide more detailed information about any of our products.

L-shape crosstalk workstations enhance communications between call takers
U-Shape - T-Shape - Pod

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