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Commander Series Control Consoles

Single-tier Command and Control Room Consoles

Single-tier Commander Series control consoles have always been the mainstay for space agencies like this one at Jet Propulsions Labs in Pasadena, California. Bridge lighting, flat-screen monitors behind sculptured faceplates and plenty of CPU storage make up the standards features used in the Cassini Mission "State of the Art" control center..

Command and Control Consoles

Double-tier Command and Control Room Consoles Commander Series hoods are enclosed turret-style modules that accept both equipment racks and sculptured monitor faceplates with optically-coated glass lenses. The Commander Series structure includes 12 gage tubular-steel frames, front and rear access, exhaust fans, a segregated cable management system, 15 AMP power strips, and adjustable glides.

Commander Series consoles are available in single, double and triple-tier versions and can be ordered in custom lengths, heights and depths. There are many options and accessories available. These consoles are still being ordered today for production control rooms, power plants and utility companies. Their ability to reduce the invasion of dust and rack mounting electronics both above and below the worksurface make them the product of choice. Vertical stacking of equipment saves a tremendous amount of space.

Triple-tier Command Center Furniture and Control Consoles are equipped with EIA racks kits

Americon has always created unique designs that far outpaced the capabilities of our competitors. Commander consoles are manufactured using the finished quality materials and each section is freestanding. Commander control consoles are manufactured with an open architecture system that utilizes a TIG welded tubular steel frame. All of our metal is powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

One of our many variations of the Commander Series console is a rear library that is Single-tier Command and Control Room Consolesbuilt into the back of the workstation.
A great use of space for storage when there is not enough room under foot.

The libraries are hinged and rotate out into the aisle to give complete equipment access from the rear of the console. Libraries are available as an option on all Americon consoles. They are especially useful in concentric-arc environments where there are multiple rows of people.

Quality Control - Each order is totally assembled in our factory prior to shipping. After our quality control department has given its stamp of approval, the order is broken down and loaded in a furniture van headed for the jobsite. The van is met at destination by the same crew that assembled the order in our factory. The product arrives on site assembled to the largest sections that can pass through a standard doorway. This minimizes the disruptions that are normally inherent with "erectorset" installations.

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