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Americon enjoys over four decades as the leading console manufacturer of custom technical furniture for control centers, police and fire dispatch and emergency management centers. When you peruse through these pages, you will find that there are a number of quality solutions that will meet your needs. We invite you to let our team become yours.  Email Us for a free assessment or simply call (805) 987-0412 to pick the brains of our expert staff.

Better yet, if you happen to be in the area, visit our state of the art "Technology Center" in Camarillo, California where you can "kick the tires" of everything from control room consoles and dispatch furniture to the latest in video wall technology. Check out our new "Solid Surface Options" that are available with all Americon furniture offerings. Over the years, we have found that our guests arrive with a perception of their needs and leave with a modified or entirely different solution. We guarantee a worth while visit.

    As a manufacturer, we provide the following products and solutions

    • COMMANDER SERIES enclosed consoles with optically-coated faceplates for command centers
    • OMNI SERIES slatwall furniture for control rooms and police and fire dispatch environments
    • ERGONAUT SERIES tubular steel frame workstations with "OMNI-TRAK" rail system that eliminates the need for slatwalls
    • COMMUNICATOR SERIES flip-screen collaborative furniture for emergency management operations and conference rooms
    • SIGNATURE SERIES "engraved logo" freestanding modular furniture for office environments
    • VIGILANCE SERIES security and surveillance furniture with integrated equipment turrets
    • CROSSTALK SERIES low-profile collaborative pod workstations for help desks and call centers
    • VISIONMASTER audiovisual cabinets for control center video walls and conference rooms
    • 24 x 7 SEATING for every environment that requires a heavy-duty adjustable chair that is built to lasts
    • WORKSTATION OPTIONS that can be integrated into our products or complimentary periphearal cabinets

Manufacturing better than anyone else!

All Americon products have been rigorously tested and meet or exceed ANSI-BIFMA standards. We sell manufacturer direct and through GSA for our government clients. We're listed under schedule 71.

You can be the best without being the most expensive!

The materials that we use in manufacturing our products are many times more impact resistant than the laminates commonly found in our competitor's offerings. The use of these space age materials, coupled with our custom made machinery, enables us to create free-formed surfaces without the use of bumper molding. Engraved logos and chevrons promote teamwork and identity. These same processes insure that our products will never have sharp corners. We do not use bumper molding, self edging or laminate tapes like our competitors.
Through automation, we produce consistently superior products that are still cost effective. Simply said, "We manufacture the most innovative and finest quality products in the business". - Bill Farah, President   Read more......
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We have created this website to show our expertise in both the design and manufacturing of technical furniture. We dedicated our designs to "bridging the ergonomic gap" between the user and the machines that he uses. Our focus is on efficiency and human factor engineering. In this website, you'll find information on the Company, how you can interface with us as a customer, a value-added dealer or a contractor.
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